Birthday Cake

Birthday cake with 7 candles. 85mm x 99mm, 5 colors, 13362 stitches


Trio of colorful balloons. 158mm x 99mm, 4 colors, 8809 stitches

Star of David

Outline Star of David. 85mm x 100mm, 1 color, 4027 stitches

Easter Egg

Egg with colorful stripes. 91mm x 96mm, 4 colors, 22631 stitches


Four Leaf clover. 98mm x 98mm, 2 colors, 13403 stitches


Fire fighter profile. 98mm x 88mm, 7 colors, 11705 stitches


Gypsy bellydancer. 151mm x 99mm, 11 colors, 16322 stitches


Cabaret bellydancer. 99mm x 140mm, 14 colors, 12570 stitches

Tribal Mantis

Tribal thorn insect. 172mm x 93mm, 1 color, 9584 stitches

Tribal Gateway

Tribal thorns in a teardrop. 170mm x 96mm, 1 color, 12679 stitches

Front Loader

Front loader tractor. 74mm x 150mm, 6 colors, 23458 stitches