Script Fonts

Our assortment of script style fonts are best stitched at 3/4-inch height or taller, but some might tolerate as small as 1/2-inch height.

Script 1 – Christina
Similar to Guess
Script 2 – Brush, Forward
Similar to Signit
Script 3
Similar to Anniversary, Symphony, Pen Pal, Jasminum, Corner Store, Kestrel
Script 4 – English Presto
Script 5 – Anaconda, Tarantula, Boa
Script 6 – Ballantines, Balladeer
Script 7 – Britney
Similar to Lunair
Script 8 – Cayman, Kaufmann, Cafe, Swing
Similar to Pensle Plain
Script 9 – Edwardian
Similar to Aria
Script 10 – Flair, Varsity
Similar to Margaret, Heiders
Script 11 – Poetic, Classic
Similar to Anniversary, Embassy, English
Script 12 – Pomander
Script 13 – SM Script, Boola
Similar to Parkside
Script 14 – Staccato, Brio, Mistral, Malaga, Malacca
Script 15 – Upright
Similar to Camilla
Script 16 – Italian
Similar to Long, Sutro, Boston, Cassia
Script 17 – Anniversary, Kestrel
Similar to Rosa, Sterling
Script 18 – Aria
Similar to Eddy
Script 19 – Breezy, Lucida Hand
Script 20 – Calvington
Script 21 – Camilla
Script 22 – Dolly

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Please note – These fonts are available for use in your design that we digitize. These fonts are not available for sale. Alphabet designs that we offer for sale can be found in our design store.