Sans Serif Fonts

The following sans serif style fonts are available for use in you embroidery design. These fonts can often be as small as 1/3-inch height, but we recommend at least 1/2-inch height.

Sans 1 – Heisei, Maru, Iwata
Similar to Kyokasyo, Alergia, Foundation, Classic Round
Sans 2 – Art Block
Similar to Jasmin
Sans 3 – Avant Garde, Avalon
Similar to Nordique, Aharoni
Sans 3c – Avant Garde Narrow, Avalon Condensed
Sans 4 – Bauhaus
Sans 5 – Blacklight, Lucenera
Similar to Scriptelle, Tectura
Sans 6 – Block, Standard, Albra, Torin
Similar to NeoGram, Pragmatic, Transport, Cerulean
Sans 7 – Castle, Salzburg
Similar to Florentia, Columbia, Clear Gothic
Sans 8 – Comic Sans
Similar to Jolly Good
Sans 9 – Enviro, Elmore
Similar to Eclipse, Full Moon
Sans 10 – Flash, Inform, Falcon
Sans 11 – Folio, Swiss Block, Helvetica Bold
Similar to Condensed Black, Cairoli
Sans 12 – Futura
Similar to Hurme, Geometric
Sans 13 – Helvetica, Swiss, Foundation
Similar to Classic
Sans 14 – Mini Block, Galeb
Similar to Polaris, Stolzl, Sentic
Sans 15 – Microgamma, Tactic
Similar to Controller, Conthrax
Sans 16 – Narrow Block, Opinion, Brown
Similar to Acumin, Haboro
Sans 17 – Slim Block
Similar to Uniform, DIN, Cyrillic Condensed
Sans 18 – Square Block
Sans 19 – Tahoma, Verdana, Ana
Similar to Sentico, Atwic
Sans 20 – Text Block, Textbook
Similar to Fox, Equip, Haboro
Sans 21 – Urbane

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Please note – These fonts are available for use in your design that we digitize. These fonts are not available for sale. Alphabet designs that we offer for sale can be found in our design store.