Finding quality stock machine embroidery designs can be difficult and getting great custom digitizing is often expensive. This is where we can help. Art of Embroidery provides quality and affordable stock designs with instant download of the most common machine formats, plus our digitizing services are affordable and stitch-outs look great.

Digitizing Services

Utilizing our professional custom digitization services, you will receive a quality embroidery design file to give your embroidery professional or use on your own equipment. We perform all digitizing in-house and test stitch every custom design on our own equipment before sending them to you. If our standards aren’t met, we adjust the design and stitch it out again. Rest assured, you will receive a high-quality, tested design – guaranteed.

Have your organization logo, personal design or photograph set in thread. Embroidered logo work is more durable than screen or direct printed products, plus it offers a sharp, professional image.

We do not charge by the stitch for digitizing services. We believe that pricing structure is antiquated and no longer appropriate – so we analyze your artwork and give you a quote based on the complexity of the artwork and embroidered design.

For more information on our digitizing services, click here.

Stock Designs

We have created thousands of unique, quality embroidery designs for everyday use and special occasions. Visit our embroidery design store to browse our stock designs, like Belly Dancers, Fantasy Creatures and New Age Designs – available for immediate download. Be sure to visit our design store often, to see what new designs we’ve added.

Designs purchased through our store gallery are licensed by default for Personal Use. Be sure to change your licensing option when interested in Retail and Redistribution rights. Please visit our licensing page for more information.

Community Support

We’ve written a few articles to help our customers and the machine embroidery community with their adventures in embroidery art.

Thread Conversion

We have compared actual thread samples to determine the closest thread match of other brands to our preferred brand of embroidery thread.

Managing Embroidery Files

Managing embroidery files can be a daunting task. Between purchasing designs or creating your own, plus all those freebies on the internet, even conservative embroiders can collect thousands of designs…

Skin Tone Threads

Change the threads of our people designs to change their appearance. Here we provide the Isacord colors that work best for skin tones.

Buying an Embroidery Machine

An embroidery machine is an investment that requires careful consideration. Here we tell you the information you need to make the right decision.

Nautical Flowers
Rose Cluster B7122333

As featured by Pamela Leggett in her book, our rose assortment machine embroidery design is perfect for garments, like this nautical themed shirt.

Small Jobs

Art of Embroidery is a digital service company and does not perform production embroidery.

We are unable to provide any recommendations for production stitch-out service professionals.