Digitizing Services

Our professional digitizing technicians will take your source artwork and create a quality embroidery design file in the machine format that you or your embroidery center needs to create your Art of Embroidery. Digitization is performed as a manual punching process, unlike many digitizers who use automatic systems to create embroidery tape files; this allows greater detail and artistic representation of your embroidery plus ensures an efficient stitch-out.

Our Digitizing Service Fees are based on design complexity, not by the stitch-count of the design. You will receive a quality embroidery design, punched for a proper price. Please contact us for a free estimate of digitizing your design – be sure to send clear artwork and let us know the required size, format, and other details.


Our regular embroidery digitizing prices are for punching the embroidery tape file of your logo, graphic, or photograph exclusively for use by you and your embroidery professional.* Designs may not be redistributed or sold without additional licensing.

Royalty Free

In special cases, we will custom digitize your non-logo, non-text graphic or photograph for use by you or your embroidery professional. You are granting us permission to sell your custom design as digitized or altered by Art of Embroidery without royalty.

Artwork Requirements

As the purchaser/submitter of any artwork or photograph for embroidery digitizing, you must be the legal owner or legally licensed for duplication/redistribution. Please do not submit any copyrighted works which you do not own the rights for duplication or distribution. By submitting your artwork, you are certifying that you hold such rights and you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of Art of Embroidery.
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Your artwork does not have to be object-oriented (scalable shapes); we do accept object-oriented artwork as well as raster artwork and photographs too!

The following should be considered when submitting your artwork or photograph:

Image Resolution 150-300 dpi at true size.
(e.g. A 4″ x 2″ design should be 600 x 300 to 1200 x 600 pixels)
Typical Design Size Jacket Back = 300 mm (~12″) or less
Left/Right Chest = 95 mm (3.75″) or less
Monogram = 25 mm (~1.00″) to 50 mm (~2.00″)
Hat face = 50 mm by 95mm (2.00″ x 3.75″) or less

Our designs are guaranteed to stitch smoothly and be high quality. If there is any issue with the design, we will work with you to correct it. Embroidery does have some limitations with small text and details, we will tell you if we expect an issue with your design and may need to omit items or increase the size.

* Art of Embroidery reserves the right to use a photograph or stitch-out of your design for promotional sample purposes.