Contract Embroidery Ends

After careful consideration, we have decided to stop providing contract embroidery services. Art of Embroidery will continue providing quality digitizing services and stock embroidery designs at a very affordable price.

Sorry – we are unable to provide a recommendation for other companies to stitch your job.

This business decision was based on costs versus profits.

We did not have enough contract work to cover the cost of personnel and extra equipment, so we would “borrow” digitizers to stitch out the embroidery work. This meant that they were not available to perform digitizing work and impacted our digitizing operation.

We had to keep contract work to small quantities to ensure machines were available for test stitch-outs. If we couldn’t run test stitch-outs, we couldn’t complete digitizing work and provide quality designs. These small quantities resulted in very small profit; especially if a mechanical issue resulted in product repair or replacement.

All Digitizing is Done In-house

All of our digitizing is still performed in-house. We do not send any digitizing work to outside companies. We also do not use auto-digitizing tools. Every machine embroidery design we create is carefully considered and manually digitized to ensure the best quality.

We test every embroidery design we create on our own equipment, using the same materials as our customers. We want to make sure we are providing the best of the best!