Serif Fonts

We offer the following Serif-type Fonts for use in your embroidery design. The fonts often can be as small as 1/3-inch height, but we recommend at least 1/2-inch height.

Serif 1 – Bodoni, Atma, Intellecta, Scherzo
Serif 2 – Schoolbook, Blackboard, Clarendon, Momentum, Century
Similar to Auderbaud, Belizio, Centennial, Ingeborg, Modern
Serif 3 – Geometric, Rockwell, Stafford, Technical
Similar to Esfera, Goudita
Serif 4 – City, Berthold, Chicago, Square Slab
Similar to Aachen
Serif 5 – Detex, Dextor, Dexter Outline
Similar to Inked, Roman Outline
Serif 6 – Algerian
Similar to Ketchikan
Serif 7 – Times Roman, Minutia, Morgan, Roman
Similar to Chiave, Garamond, Kepler, Nimbus, Sambon, Tisa
Serif 8 – College, Octagonal, Princeton Full, Varsity
Similar to Sports, Collegiate
Serif 9 – College Outline, Octagonal Outline, Princeton Outline, Varsity Outline
Similar to College, Sports, Collegiate
Serif 10 – Casual Serif, Apache
Similar to Pulp Fiction
Serif 11 – Cheltenham
Similar to Gloucester, Press Run, Colonel, Margon
Serif 12 – Copperplate, Engraved
Similar to Griffon
Serif 13 – Typewriter
Similar to Broadcast, Passport
Serif 14 – Souvenir, Sunset
Similar to Hornbill, Moranga, Saturday
Serif 15 – High Tower, Bergsland
Similar to Calluna, Malaga, Skema, Mackinac
Serif 16 – Garamond, Aldine
Similar to Arabic, Minion, Argos
Serif 17 – Woodstock, Tango, Tampo
Similar to Cacao Fat
Serif 18 – Greek

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Please note – These fonts are available for use in your design that we digitize. These fonts are not available for sale. Alphabet designs that we offer for sale can be found in our design store.