Nautical Flowers

Rose Cluster B7122333
As featured in Pamela Leggett's book Sewing Essentials: Serger Techniques
As featured in Pamela Leggett’s book Sewing Essentials: Serger Techniques

Take Pamela Leggett’s nautical-inspired shirt, with stripes created using a wide cover stitch, and embroider our Rose Assortment design to create nautical flowers, as featured in November 2011 Threads Magazine and Pamela’s new book Sewing Essentials: Serger Techniques1.

We have had the privilege of working with renowned author and sewing instructor Pamela Leggett for several years. Pamela has written for Threads magazine, Sew News and Sew Stylish, and also appeared on television sewing shows. Plus, Pamela is the founder of Pamela’s Patterns, has recorded instructional videos, and she offers sewing instruction throughout the North-Eastern region of the United States.

  1. Leggett, Pamela. Sewing Essentials: Serger Techniques (The Taunton Press), ISBN 978-1-62710-917-8, pp 2, 147 and back cover