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Welcome to our stock design store. Each design featured in our embroidery library is uniquely designed by us and available for download as soon as purchased. Be sure to select the proper license when making your choice.

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Accents and Accessories

Borders and Frames | Curls and Flourishes

Stain Glass

Stain glass frame. 91mm x 78mm, 6 colors, 13340 stitches

Rose Vine Circle

Roses and vines creating a frame. 140mm x 136mm, 4 colors, 27477 stitches

Rose Vine Corner

Rose with vines creating a corner. 96mm x 97mm, 4 colors, 7980 stitches

Rose Vine Square

Roses in a square frame. 130mm x 131mm, 4 colors, 27439 stitches

Animals and Bugs

Aquatics | Amphibians and Reptiles | Birds | Butterflies and Moths | Cats | Dogs | Farm Animals | Insects and Bugs

Snow Owl

Snowy Owl in flight. 116mm x 134mm, 5 colors, 20738 stitches

Artist Collections

Crystalinz | Delphineous | Scira | Vox

Laughing Dragon

A Winged Dragon. 150mm x 198mm, 10 colors, 43837 stitches

Pirate for Life
Pirate for Life

Pirate skeleton with bone swords, 247mm x 189mm, 16 colors, 76469 stitches

Celtic Dragon
Celtic Dragon

Dragon enveloped in Celtic Knotwork, 233mm x 199mm, 11 colors, 101072 stitches


Dragons | Faeries | Masks | Monsters

Laughing Dragon

A Winged Dragon. 150mm x 198mm, 10 colors, 43837 stitches

Monster 1 Large

Goofy cyclops with tongue sticking out. 162mm x 153mm, 5 colors, 21445 stitches

Monster 2 Medium

Goofy cyclops sticking out tongue. 104mm x 93mm, 5 colors, 8199 stitches

Monster 1 Small

Goofy cyclops with wild mane. 70mm x 63mm, 5 colors, 4705 stitches

Flowers and Plants

Blooms | Herbs | Leaves | Plants | Trees

Rose Cluster B7122333
Rose Cluster

Cluster of Roses, 272mm by 176mm, 15 colors, 70668 stitches


Four Leaf clover. 98mm x 98mm, 2 colors, 13403 stitches


An outline butterfly and flower. 98mm x 93mm, 5 colors, 3246 stitches

Holidays and Events

Birthday | Chanukah | Christmas | Earth Day | Easter | Graduation | Halloween / Samhain | July 4 / Patriotic | New Baby | New Year | Ostara | Passover | St. Patrick’s Day | Thanksgiving | Valentine’s Day | Wedding | Yule
Spring | Summer | Fall | Winter

Heart Drop

Heart. 70mm x 50mm, 1 color, 3334 stitches

Loopy Heart

Loopy heart. 71mm x 84mm, 1 color, 707 stitches


Balloon. 97mm x 45mm, 2 colors, 2997 stitches


Lace and Line

Free-standing Lace | Line Art | Toile


Free-standing lace snowflake. 100mm x 88mm, 1 color, 12010 stitches

Letters and Words

Alphabets | Decorative Letters | Signs | Text Layouts | Titles and Banners


Speed limit sign. 91mm x 66mm, 2 colors, 13874 stitches


Speed limit sign. 95mm x 74mm, 2 colors, 14263 stitches


Careers and Hobbies | Clock Faces | Clothing and Accessories | Emoticons | Food and Drink | Household Products | Lighthouses and Scenes | Other | Quilt Blocks | Tools | Toys | Weapons

Steam Whistle

Steam whistle. 22mm x 91mm, 3 colors, 2572 stitches

Large Bullseye

Bullseye target. 178mm x 178mm, 3 colors, 43466 stitches

People and Sports

Baseball and Softball | Belly Dance | Emergency Services | Golf | Soccer and Football

Cabaret 9

Cabaret Belly Dancer with Veil. 180mm x 72mm, 16 colors, 22884 stitches


Cabaret Belly Dancer. 166mm x 74mm, 8 colors, 15164 stitches


Buddhism and Taoism | Christianity | Islamic | Judaism | Native American | Pagan and Wiccan

Signs and Symbols

Astrology | Celtic and Tribal | Egyptian | Music | Emergency Services

Heart Drop

Heart. 70mm x 50mm, 1 color, 3334 stitches

Loopy Heart

Loopy heart. 71mm x 84mm, 1 color, 707 stitches

Star Frill

Fancy star. 76mm x 73mm, 1 color, 3592 stitches

Vehicles and Equipment

Aircraft | Boating | Cars | Tractors

Front Loader

Front loader tractor. 74mm x 150mm, 6 colors, 23458 stitches

Design store downloads include DST, EXP, HUS, PES, SEW and XXX file formats, plus PDF design sheet.