Small Jobs

Since we test every embroidery design we create, we have the equipment to handle small embroidery jobs. These small jobs are often over-looked or you are significantly overcharged by mainstream embroiders. Yet we are happy to help you with your embroidery project, even if it is just one or two pieces, and we will help at reasonable rates.

Contact us for an estimate on your small job, either by e-mail or telephone. Be ready to let us know what is being embroidered and what it is being embroidered upon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for the work?

This depends greatly on the project. First of all we will charge our normal rates for digitizing the design or laying out the text for your project. In addition, we charge for the actual stitch-outs, which are usually priced between $1.00 and $2.00 per thousand stitches, depending on the materials used and if there is any special handling required.

What products can be embroidered?

We can embroider almost anything, as long as a sewing needle can pass through it and its shape does not interfere with our equipment. Special digitizing and handling is necessary for certain materials, like plastic, leather and paper.

Can I provide my own materials to embroider?

Absolutely. Most of our small job customers have their own craft projects or other products that they prefer. We can also supply the materials if you’d like. We can probably save you money on commonly embroidered or screen-printed products like shirts and bags.

Are you able to do screen-printing?

We do not have the equipment or experience to handle screen-printing. Although sometimes we can provide artwork to your chosen screen-printer.

What is the largest job you can handle?

This depends on the project and our current workload. We are able to handle some larger jobs, but often it is best that you send the larger jobs to an embroidery shop with multi-head equipment.

How can I get my materials to you? Where is your office?

We are a digital service company. Our insurance does not allow public access to our facility. We can meet you at a local public place or you may ship your materials to us.

We often meet customers at Starbucks in Warminster, Warrington, Doylestown (South) or Southampton.